Dispersal Sale

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Thank you for our very successful dispersal sale! We appreciate all the buyers, supporters, family and friends who joined us for the event!

Results can be viewed on the OBI website.

Schedule of Events

Monday, December 10:

Cattle may be viewed at Nilsson Bros.

Wednesday, December 12:

7 p.m. Hospitality at the Westlock Inn

Thursday, December 13:

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Sale starts at 1 p.m. Selling All Bulls, Semen and Embryos

Supper at Nilsson Bros.

Hospitality at the Westlock Inn after the sale

Friday, December 14:

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Breakfast served in the morning.

Sale starts at 10 a.m. Selling all cow/calf pairs and bred heifers

Hors d'oeuvres served around 3:30p.m. (during the sale to the crowd)

Supper at Nilsson Bros. after the sale

Hospitality at the Westlock Inn

A Note From The Family

Geis Family

Welcome...Parting with this herd is definitely one of the hardest decisions we have ever had to make. We know after much deliberation it is the right time. We do feel the herd is in the strongest position it has ever been in.

There are cow families that have proven themselves to us over the years by not only doing us well but excelling in other herds as well.

We have always felt better about using proven sires or at least genetics we are familiar with, we feel we have less surprises and are more confident selling commercial bulls having knowledge of the cattle we use.

The 2012 born calves are an impressive group, many are very young. They are calves we are very confident in growing into impressive yearlings. They are by proven industry leading sires that we can sell with confidence and anticipation. The 2011 yearling heifers look great, we feel they are an excellent example of our program. Deep bodied, angular, easy feeding, well made heifers.

The 2011 bulls sell on the 13th, they are a strong group of bulls. Some light birth and many with a little extra performance. Some interesting elite herd bull prospects.

We will sell a majority of the cattle in catalogue order, starting with the W's, U's then the T's alternating groups of Blacks and Reds. These young cows will be hard to part with. The middle age cows are impressive and we know they will go on and prove themselves worthy. The more proven cows are still here for a good reason and will pay their way with their next calf. There will be a few cows selling without calf, in most casses it is not their fault, some management issues.

Our herd has been good to us, they have won many banners, ribbons, Achievement Awards, Alberta Breeder of the Year, Red Angus Breeder of the Year, local Business Excellence Award and inducted us in the Angus Hall of Fame. They have made us proud when we see other breeders do well with our genetics.

These cattle have brought us property and good equipment. And enjoyment when we have watched the next great one grow and stand proud. This herd has made us many great memories, stories and most of all many friends.

We are still Angus people, just not with the cattle. You will probably see us out more now than you have in the last few years.

Whether you are a spectator, friend, family or buyer we would love to have you join us for some hospitality at the sale or come to the farm, we would like to show you our cattle and have a visit.

See you sale day!

The Geis Family

Our History

Geis farming operations in the Barrhead area of Alberta, north-west of Edmonton, commenced over 60 years ago -- in 1928 -- when grandfather Henry Gerloff moved to the present location of Geis Angus now under third generation management of the family farm.

In 1957, going on 35 years ago, Don and Erika Geis purchased the original farm, and then for many years maintained both a registered and a grade Holstein herd of some 40 cows selling fluid mlk to the Northern Alberta Dairy Pool at Barrhead. Also heavily involved with Don and Erika at this time were their two daughters, Darlene and Brenda, as well as their son Brian. Then in 1976 the Geis family established a new registered Angus herd, with the dairy herd and milk quota being faded out nine years later.

Following the marriage of Brian Geis to Kim Conway of Red Eagle Acres, a Red Angus breeding establishment from Eckville, Alberta, a Red Angus division was also set up at Geis Angus, and today both the black and red Angus herds each represent some 50 percent of the 250-cow herd.

Success of the Geis Holstein and Angus breeding programs, together with their active involvement in the community, culminated in the Geis family being named Farm Family Of The Year by Edmonton Northlands in 1982. And then again, in 1989, the family were elected by their peers in the business as Alberta Angus Breeders Of The Year and Red Angus Breeder in 1997.

Involved with bringing the Geis Angus programs into their present high tech state of modern beef breeding was the late Don Geis (who passed away unexpectedly in 1991), and his wife Erika, their son Brian and his wife Kim, and Jenna and Robert.

The 250-cow herd (half black Angus cows and half red Angus cows) are maintained on 1,700 acres of hay, pasture and grainland some 13 miles west of Barrhead which, in normal years, provides more than sufficient production for the herd.

Acceptance of the Geis Angus breeding program is widespread, with sales of both live breeding stock, semen from outstanding herd sires and embryos representing the best of the Geis program being purchased and shipped to many parts of Canada and to leading Angus breeders in other countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Argentina, Denmark, Mexico and Brazil.